23, for piano (2016)

Linea Nigra, for string octet (2015)

Children’s Suite, nine pieces for piano (2007-2014)

I Am Somewhere, for piano (2013)

Anni, for piano (2012)

Canons, from Mahboob, for piano (2011)

Gimme Some Modes, five pieces for piano (2005-2009)

In Another Life, for piano (2002)

Oxford & Augusta, for piano (2001)

Lonely Little Boat, for kalimba (2004)

Word from Earth (Century Closing), for electronics (2000, remixed 2016)

Madra, for string quartet (1999)

urfunk etude, for piano with just intonation tuning (1997)

Storm, from WhISH, for electronics (1997)

Coupling, from Woo: Cases of Bloodletting and Natural Selection, for tape and electronics (1996)

Two Dances for Two Pianos (1996)

Uhuru, for four voices (1994)

Birthday Music, for electronics (1993)

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