Word from Earth

Word from Earth (Century Closing) (2000) was originally the finale of a theatre score. This post washes up a no filter, exploded view of the piece, replayed on the same 1993 Korg workstation on which it was produced, i.e. there is no reverb, no mastering software and no attempt to create a polished mix. The sound is low res, dark, vintage, basic—as one might expect our early radio signals to appear to our interstellar neighbours. Most of the melodic content from the “theatrical” version of the track is retained in the two electric piano parts, as are the bassline and some of the percussion. The music is in three sections: a slow crab canon; hocketing patterns with chordal accents; and fast, interlocking canons.

Recorded July 2000, Korg 01/WFD (aka the way back playback machine)
Remixed June 2016

Photo: The Design Exchange, Toronto, September 2016

Music and composer’s notes copyright Bruce A. Russell 2016


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