Osun Light

Osun is an Orisha in the Yoruba religion. She is the deity of love, beauty, femininity, fertility, healing and prosperity; the river goddess. Osun Light was composed during a critical period, when I learned I was to become a parent for the first time.

The piece is based on a seven-note circle of fourths (or fifths), a set of intervals which has provided the harmonic foundation for a great deal of Western music, from the Baroque through 20th century jazz and pop. I employ the series throughout – sometimes as a bassline, sometimes as a melodic ostinato, sometimes both simultaneously. Near the beginning there are seven block chords, each consisting of seven notes, that form the vertical basis for what follows.

Like Sleepsong which was composed after it, Osun Light presents new variations on old patterns. Recently, I rediscovered it in sketch form in a small notebook in tiny pencil notation – dated “06 06 06” – and edited it to the present version.

Composed June 2006
Recorded April 2013, Roland digital piano direct to file

Music and composer’s notes copyright Bruce Russell 2013


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